Hong Kong 2012 – Last Photo Set

To round out the last set of photos I took in Hong Kong, here are the ones taken on color film:

And last but not least, here’s a whole boatload of photos taken on my phone throughout my trip:

I have to admit that with all the cameras that I have collected and bought over the years, I still shoot a tremendous amount of photos on my phone. I do it because it serves a separate purpose for me. I don’t spend time trying to obtain proper exposures or think about applying any general rules of photography, I simply see something that catches my eye and immediately snap it. It’s great at times to give yourself a break from having to think about aperture, shutter, and ISO settings along with composition. And since I would never print any photos taken on my phone anyway, I don’t need to worry about the image quality. All I care about is capturing the story and mood of the scene. The camera phone is great for these situations.

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