Rowena Construction Party in Silver Lake

So earlier this week my coworker calls me on my desk and says “Hey, aren’t you guys doing some construction noise monitoring out in Silver Lake? Well come into my office right now, you need to hear this!” So I went into her office and it was then that she showed me the podcast she was listening to on KCRW. Essentially, the podcast was about how artist Bettina Hubby was going to host a party over on Rowena Avenue in Silver Lake where construction work has been going on for seemingly forever (you can listen to the podcast here). The party offered an opportunity for the construction workers, who are often perceived in a negative light among the community, and local business owners and residents in the neighborhood to meet and mingle. It was such a brilliant idea! Perhaps I too felt like I was a part of the process with the noise monitoring work I was doing, so a part of me really wanted to make it out on Saturday to check out the party. Well I’m glad I did have the opportunity to drop by, even if it was just for a little while. And of course I had my camera with me…

Unfortunately I ran out of film in my camera, but I did get a few more photos on my phone:

The construction party was a fantastic concept. If anything it’s a prime example of why we need art and artists in our society. Who else could have thought up and executed a concept of having a party on a construction site where workers and the local community could gather to share a harmonious night out together with pizza, beer, and live music under a disco ball on a crane???

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