Walking the Streets of Hong Kong with my Fujifilm XE-1

On my recent trip back to Hong Kong early last month, my flight arrived at 6 am in the morning and by 1 pm I had went out and bought my Fujifilm XE-1. I have wanted to own my very first mirrorless interchangeable lens camera for quite some time now, and as soon as the XE-1 came out I knew it was the one I wanted. While I originally had my eyes set on the X-Pro1, I was sold on the XE-1 when I realized that I would be getting the same kick-ass sensor for a cheaper price tag in a smaller size camera body. Using DSLRs for the longest time, I came to the conclusion that carrying all that weight (especially with the pro-level lenses) was just not worth it while traveling. Even on my first day with the XE-1, I felt comfortable walking around the city all day with it and in the process probably took a lot more photos than I normally would have with a heavy DSLR. I also bought the XE-1 to shoot JPEGs, and the SOOC files that I get from this camera are really impressive. It may really just come down to personal preference, but I just like the colors that I’m getting straight from the camera. Overall, I’m quite happy with my purchase.

(Tech note: Aside from adjusting the overall exposure level on some of the photos in Lightroom, all of the photos shown below have not had any other tweaks done to them.)

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