A Morning with the Efner/Ososki Family

It has been close to a full year since I’ve last seen my dear friend Erin, so it was definitely time to pay her and her lovely family a visit to catch up on life and other matters. The visit was short, but quite memorable to say the least. Highlights of the visit include having a morning conversation with Erin on her bed as she was breastfeeding, watching Elliot dance nonstop in the living room for everyone fully naked and completely unabashed, watching my Cowboys choke away another season while engaged in a fierce Beyblade battle with Liam (a game which he latter rigged so that he could win every battle), watching the first season of Homeland again (it never gets old) with Erin & Jesse, and relaxing with a vodka tonic that was 90% vodka (thanks Erin!) with Baby Olive in my arms. I can’t ask for a better weekend than that. Thank you Jesse for preparing all the meals during my stay!

(Tech note: All photos were taken on my new Fuji XE-1, with the exception of the photo of the cat and the last photo of Elliot, which were taken on 35mm Kodak Portra 400 film.)

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