Shooting Film on a Budget

Priced at under $3, Fuji Superia is simply a great film to use for your everyday shots. The colors you get from shooting it at box speed is surprisingly good for a consumer film, and of course you can always get a different look by overexposing it. I loved the colors I got from Fuji 800Z when it was still around, but now that it’s gone I think Superia 400 gets me pretty close to those colors when shot directly at ISO 400. As a professional film Fuji 400H is much better for portraits as it renders great skin tones, but when I want more contrast and saturation for my everyday shots it’s good to know there’s Superia I can turn to. I also love that I can achieve a less contrasty and saturated (more pastel) look with this film by a bit of overexposure and using a fast lens, although Fuji 400H is much better for those types of shots.

All photos below were processed and scanned at Walgreens.

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