Baby Max

My friend Jaime contacted me a couple of weeks back and asked if I could take some photos of Max, her 4-month old bundle of joy. I haven’t seen or spoken with Jaime for ages, so doing the shoot was a great opportunity to catch up a little bit and to meet the little guy. Plus I get to shoot some film! You can’t beat that. However, after doing the shoot I must admit that shooting film on manual focus and at wide apertures probably isn’t the easiest way to photograph restless babies. I now have a new found respect for baby portrait photographers, especially those that still shoot film. Anyhow, the shoot was still quite fun for me and I’m glad I got to meet Max. He is definitely a charmer, as you can see below…

Films used for this shoot include Fuji Pro 800Z, Kodak Portra 800, and Ilford Delta 3200.

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