Santa Barbara Engagement Session Photography: Tara & Matt

Finally, one more engagement session to get onto this blog. This time around I’m sharing the photos from Tara & Matt’s engagement session, which was taken last August. When we shot the session they were both already legally married on paper, but they haven’t had the wedding yet (scheduled for later this year) and wanted some engagement photos. This was a really fun shoot, as we got to travel out of town to Santa Barbara for some wine tasting and drunken photos. Okay, just kidding about the drunken photos… although both Matt and I would’ve loved to do it Tara was never going to let that happen :p

The couple wanted photos at their favorite Santa Barbara winery, Kalyra. I ended up buying a couple of bottles of wine myself after tasting a few samples, and I’m not even a wine fan.

Here’s Tara & Matt…

Tara had cooked up some really food for a picnic at the winery. It was a really cool spot to do the shoot.

There was a table out for us to use, but it wasn’t as cool as sitting out on the grass though.

The couple enjoying some fun conversation.

We walked towards the back of the winery for some photos.

I’m going to recommend that all couples down a glass of wine to loosen up before a shoot.

Got some good shade under the tree.

One of my favorites of the day.

Love the colors and props on this one.

A shot out in the open sun…

Really like this one…

It’s the easiest to photograph when the couple is in their own world and act as though you’re not even there.

Next was a quick outfit change and a change of location to the Santa Barbara Pier.

There was a homeless guy under the pier making comments while we were photographing, but Tara & Matt blocked it out as they knew the show had to go on regardless.

Here’s one more taken in downtown Santa Barbara.

Again, since I had already put up a slide show of some of the engagement photos for the couple back in August, the ones I posted today are those that were not in that slide show. For anyone that wants to check out their original slide show (with music), please click HERE.

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March 11, 2010 - 11:01 am

James Really like the engagement photos you’re putting up so far. Never knew you even did these kind of things. Good stuff though!

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