Riverside | Redlands| Pasadena Engagement Session Photography: Suzanne & Brad

I realized that while I’ve posted some portrait and wedding photos onto this blog, I have yet to put up any engagement photos. So I’m going to start off this week by posting a couple of these sessions that I shot last year just to get them on the blog. To start off, here are some photos from Suzanne and Brad’s engagement session that was shot last June. You may remember Brad from his portraits that were posted up last month. Without the leather jacket and the beanie, he’s actually a very mild-mannered guy that preaches love and harmony. He only takes on a tough guy persona to prevent potential trouble when he’s walking the rough streets of Riverside back to his pad late at night from the train station.

Since the engagement session took place a while back and I’ve since already posted up a slide show of the photos for the couple to show their family and friends, the majority of the photos posted below are ones that weren’t in the original slide show.

Here’s Suzanne & Brad:

You won’t believe how long and many tries it took for Brad to get this piggyback ride thing down. It was obviously the first time he’s ever done it.

These were taken at the University of Redlands (the couple didn’t go there, but they picked the location because the campus had very green grass):

This shot was taken on the stage of an amphitheater at a local park.

There were two homeless guys sitting on the bench seats for the amphitheater, so I convinced Suzanne & Brad that taking a photo with them in the background would be a cool shot.

In front of the local library…

Whoever wins the stare down will rule the marriage.

Some famous house in Riverside The Morey Mansion in Redlands for the background… Brad wanted his hood to be represented. (Thanks Brad for the correction. I’m lucky you’re a mild-mannered guy).

Suzanne at the Daily Back to the Grind coffee shopCoffee House. (Thanks again Brad. My memory is worse than Ronald Reagan’s at this point).

Stare down continues… my money is on Suzanne.

One of my favorite photos of the day.

Here we are in Pasadena.  Brad had just bought his new outfit from J Crew and looked like a hipster, so I had the idea of them walking down the street with me taking paparazzi-style photos.

We then moved over to the Langham Hotel for a few shots.

Brad spent good money on that hat, but the sad truth is that unless he’s moving out to Silver Lake anytime soon he probably won’t be wearing it much after that day.

We weren’t supposed to touch the piano at the hotel, but Brad took good care of the bartender.

Here’s how arguments in their marriage will be settled.

If by any chance Tiger Woods happens to come across this post, I hope the animated GIF file above is not giving him any mean flashbacks of that night over Thanksgiving weekend.

Anyhow, for anyone interested in checking out the original slide show (with music) of Suzanne & Brad’s engagement photos, click HERE.

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