Guangzhou, China (2 of 2) – Sights & Food

Cantonese food from the city of Guangzhou (which used to be called Canton) is by far the most well-known Chinese cuisine in the world. As most of the people in Hong Kong have their family origins from the Guangdong province in China where Guangzhou is the capital city, the people in both cities share many common characteristics, with probably the most common one being that life is essentially centered around food (both the usual and the VERY unusual). Located less than 2 hours by train from Hong Kong, a quick trip to Guangzhou was definitely on the agenda to check out some sights and food dishes in one of the culinary capitals of China.

The visit to Guangzhou first began with a trip to the Chen Clan Academy, which was established back in the Qing Dynasty for young scholars to prepare for their imperial exams. The academy is a good representation of Lingnan architecture.

The rest of the days in Guangzhou consisted mainly of walking the streets and eating whenever hunger was felt.

Newer shops like these are now commonplace throughout all of China’s major cities…

But street food remains, as it rightfully should. It’s a Chinese thing.

I wish I had more time to explore the old alleyways of the city.

The roast pigeon was really tasty. And for people who might not be familiar with Chinese cuisine, you should know that you’re NOT expected to eat the head! You can if you want I guess, but most people probably wouldn’t. It’s more of a decorative piece (Chinese people aren’t too squeamish about seeing the head of the animal they’re about to eat anyway). So just know that whenever you order a whole chicken, duck, or pigeon, the head is going to be presented on the plate. The only time it’s not is if you order half a chicken, duck, or pigeon. So if seeing the head really bothers you that much, perhaps you can just order 2 half orders ; )

A quick walk along the Pearl River in the rain…

The Asian Games Town, which was used for the 2010 Asian Games this past November…

One of items on the agenda was to try some roast goose, which is cheaper and supposedly better than those in Hong Kong.

The roast goose was indeed very good.

A few photos taken at a local furniture department store…

Before we knew it dinnertime had arrived again.

After dinner we took the subway over to visit the city’s Central Business District.

Below is the new Guangzhou Library.

You see, with a half order you get no chicken head! See how easy that is???

The Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, dedicated to the pioneer of China’s democratic revolution in the early 1900s.

One last meal before leaving the city.

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