Wine, Absinthe, Bike Riding, Paragliding: Chilling & Relaxing in Mendoza, Argentina

The next destination for us after Bariloche was the laid-back city of Mendoza, a name that is synonymous with wine country in Argentina. Although technically it’s a desert town, one would really not notice as extensive irrigation in the city and surrounding area has made agriculture possible as well as transforming the local landscape. Irrigation ditches practically run beside every main road in the city, which is actually quite dangerous especially if you happen to be drunk walking the streets at night. Below are some of the photos taken on this portion of the trip.

Although we’re far from being wine fanatics, we did decide to do a half-day bike tour of the local wineries for some tasting. There were about 12 destinations that we could have hit on our bikes, but due to the distances between each of the wineries and the physical punishment to our out-of-shape bodies from riding a single-speed bike (especially up gradual inclines) we only ended up visiting four (although one was closed that day). We started our tour at Bodega La Rural…

Our next stop was “A La Antigua,” where we had the chance to try out some homemade absinthe.

Served traditionally by lighting a spoon of sugar on fire before it is eventually mixed into the drink.

The absinthe was strong! In fact much stronger than some of the authentic stuff I had bought years ago from France. The buzz you get is almost immediate. Good stuff!!!

Off to the next winery… it felt quite surreal riding the bike after the shot of absinthe. The buzz eventually stopped after about 10 minutes or so.

Wil asked the owner of the Fiat whether the car landed him many women (“mucho mujeres con el carro?”), and the guy proudly nodded his head.

We were close to an hour late returning our bikes (we were so out of shape!), but the manager was really cool and even offered us a glass of wine to end the day.

Making it back into the city by early nighttime…

A shot from inside our hotel.

It was time to go paragliding.

Wil goes first…

I had to wait about a half-hour by myself before they would eventually return for me. So just a few shots to pass some time…

Then it was my turn to jump off the cliff…

The views were amazing.

After a good 20 minutes up in the air, it was eventually time to come back down. All good things have to come to an end sometime.

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