Mountains, Lakes, Swiss-style Architecture, Horseback Riding, Chocolates – Chilling & Relaxing in Bariloche, Argentina

After a 2-day bus ride (half of which was on unpaved roads) we finally made it to Bariloche, one of the principal destinations of Argentina’s Lake District region. The city is known for its alpine architecture and is beautifully surrounded by mountains and lakes. It is also known as Argentina’s chocolate capital, so that’s always a plus.

For this portion of the trip we decided against staying at a hostel and instead forked out a little more money to get our own apartment. The balcony had a great view.

We decided against doing anything too strenuous, so instead of planning our own hikes we decided to just take a bus tour to see the surrounding natural scenery. However, what we didn’t realize was that the tour we signed up for didn’t have an English speaking guide, so we didn’t understand a word of what was said during the tour. In addition, the bus only made about 3 stops and gave us 15 minutes to take some photos, so that was a bummer. But it’s okay, we’ve seen enough nature already at our previous stops. It was nice to just daydream a bit on the bus and stare out through the window. Below are a few photos that were taken that day.

One of the days we decided to go horseback riding at an estancia (ranch) to see the beautiful South American grasslands. We were picked up in the morning from the city and taken to the estancia, where we met the owner inside his home.

We had great weather to go horseback riding that day.

After 2 hours of riding and taking a lot of punishment on my two vital organs, it was time to head back and enjoy a delicious home-cooked meal.

The rest of the time we just relaxed and pretty much did nothing in our apartment. Below are some photos taken from the balcony of our apartment.

Chocolates at Mamuschka, probably the most popular chocolate store in Bariloche.

One last shot to remember Bariloche…

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February 19, 2011 - 5:05 am

Elliott I like the +Les -Les horse pictures.

February 19, 2011 - 11:26 am

terrini Yeah, well when you’re horse is named Model you just have to take a pic with it.

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