Journey to Antarctica (Part II): Foyn Harbour & Cuverville Island

After our visit to the Aitcho Islands the previous day, the next morning we had the opportunity to go on a zodiac cruise of Foyn Harbour at Enterprise Island. It was a wonderful morning that greeted us as we stepped off the ship, one that was filled with blue skies and insanely beautiful clouds. From our zodiacs we made our way around Foyn Harbour, passing by many icebergs and snow-covered cliffs.

The ship wreckage shown below is known as the Gouvernoren, which was a whaling factory ship that somehow caught fire and was abandoned (all crew members survived) at the shoreline back in 1916.

The cloud formations and icebergs were amazing to see…

Quite a few birds were waiting around the snow-covered cliffs, waiting for the snow to melt so they could build their nests.

More clouds and icebergs…

Later that afternoon we were able to make a landing at Cuverville Island, which has one of the most populated Gentoo penguin rookeries in Antarctica.

We were greeted by many penguins as we came onto shore.

After making our way onto the shore, many of us chose to trek uphill from the landing site through the heavy snow so we could get to see the view of the surrounding area from the top. Here are some views looking back down at the shoreline where we landed.

I don’t think many of us knew what we were getting into, as it took close to 2 hours for us to get to the top. Our expedition biologist lead the way by shoveling a path for us to walk up through the snow. It was probably the most tiring trek we had to do for the entire trip.

The views along the way up…

Overall it was a tiring but fun-packed day. I’d probably skip the trek uphill next time though…

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