El Segundo Maternity Photography: Conni & Todd

Back in November of last year over Thanksgiving weekend I had the opportunity to shoot some maternity photos for my friend Conni and her husband Todd.  Conni and I are former coworkers, having met way back in 2001 when I landed my first job after grad school (I hate it when I have to date myself like that).  I remember that day pretty clearly, as I had one of the most frightening experiences of my life.  I showed up for my first day of work and immediately upon stepping in the door was dragged into a meeting with the folks in our company’s planning division.  I had no idea what the meeting was about or why we were even having the meeting in the first place.  I was expecting at least some introduction from my supervisor about the projects we were working on and what exactly our roles were with the projects, but nope none of that.  I was simply told to go grab a notepad and come right into the conference room.  Next thing I know our master planner steps in and starts talking about planning in Newport Beach, throwing out urban design terms like “nodes” and “HUB” that made no sense to me whatsoever.  All I knew was that I had to least act like I was into the meeting, diligently taking notes of everything that was discussed.  To make things worse my crazy supervisor (not kidding, she was literally crazy…  she only lasted a few more months at the company after my first day) told me to go write up a summary of the concepts that were discussed during the meeting and to have it to her by the end of the day.  Man, that was a rough day and I’d do anything never to relive it again!  But it was also after the meeting that Conni came up to me and told me not to worry about the items discussed, that I’m really not expected to understand any of that stuff yet and that if I had any questions to just go ask her.  Phewww!  She was a life saver that day, a day that I will never forget.  Thank you Conni, for being nice and kind on my first day at work.

Okay, so onto the photos… we started the day out at a nearby park from Conni & Todd’s house.

Then the next stop was the beach, which is a favorite destination for many couples.  It’s a California thing…

Probably technically frowned upon, but I really like shooting into strong sunlight.

When you buy expensive lenses, it’s really for the ability to shoot wide open.

It was a cold and windy day… I was barely able to hold my camera steady.

If both of them had shades on, these next two photos could have been featured in a Ray Ban ad or something.

Laughs are good for the baby…

The sky was very clear and blue that day.

Last photo of the day.  Looking great Conni…

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