Argentina 2010: Buenos Aires (Part I)

After a nearly 7-week hiatus, I figured it’s time to start posting again. Below are some photos I took of the beautiful city of Buenos Aires, a cosmopolitan metropolis that many people refer to as the “Paris of South America.” Certain parts of the city definitely have a European feel to it, characterized by the numerous old-style cafes and colonial architecture, while other parts of the city are built with newer, modern architectural buildings that are typically found in any major contemporary city in North America. Like any other city, Buenos Aires also has its share of downtrodden areas that are best to be avoided during the night (some during the day as well). But overall, having visited BA myself I can certainly attest that the city has it’s own unique identity, charm, and appeal that sets it apart from other metropolitan areas of the world.

On the day that former Argentine President Nestor Kirchner died unexpectedly of a heart attack, thousands of citizens headed to Plaza de Mayo (the main square in downtown BA) to pay their respects:

Aside from the crowds gathering at Plaza de Mayo, much of the city was pretty quiet that day as it was also Argentina’s census day, which is actually a national holiday for the citizens.

A visit to BA’s La Recoleta Cemetery:

Later that night a huge crowd of people again assembled outside in reaction to their former president’s death:

Well that’s it for now. I’ll post some more photos when I get a chance.

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