Off-Camera Flash

I’m not a big fan of using flash when shooting as I never liked the way that artificial light would look on people and objects, but sometimes using off-camera flash can be fun and add a new perspective to your photos.

Here’s a photo without flash:

Here it is again with the help of off-camera flash to make it look as if there’s still an abundance of light outside:

Unfortunately the photo below is out of focus (bad job on my end), but just imagine it being in focus for the time being and look at the color:

With the help of flash, you can make the colors pop a bit:

Here’s a pretty dull looking photo:

Add some light from the back and you can get this:

You can also transform a boring photo like this:

To something more interesting to the eye and turn day into night (why photograph a lighting fixture if there’s no light coming out of it?) :

I still rather shoot under natural light the majority of the time as I prefer natural-looking photos, but sometimes it is fun to play with flash lighting.  For many photographers, it opens up a whole new world of photography to explore.

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