Los Angeles Wedding Photography: Jenny & Jon

Here are the photos of Jenny & Jon’s beautiful wedding, which took place towards the end of September of last year. The couple initially picked the month of September so they could have a pleasant autumn wedding for their family and friends, but as it turned out nature wasn’t cooperating as a heat wave hit LA that entire week and the temperature was closer to that of a sweltering summer day. However, the immense heat and the beads of sweat on everyone’s face was not enough to quell the festive mood that pervaded over the entire day as the wedding was a huge success and ended with a bang. (This is going to be a very long post, as the wedding day went from the morning all the way until the end of the night, so there are LOTS of photos to show.)

The bride and her bridesmaids getting their hair & makeup done in the early morning hours:

After the hair & makeup we headed to the house in Bel Air where the ceremony was held.

It certainly looks like a nice day, but man it was hot! I think I even sweated through my shirt, which doesn’t happen often. Carrying a camera around my neck didn’t help either.

The groom greeting family and friends…

The bride kept cool and the makeup was fantastic in standing up to the heat.

It ain’t a true Chinese wedding without the tea ceremony.

After the ceremony we headed to the Disney Concert Hall for photos of the couple and the wedding party. I had to change my shirt on the way there because it was so darn hot. But the heat didn’t seem to affect the couple though…

After that it was time to head over to the wedding banquet.

A great entrance by the bride and groom…

The bride after a quick outfit change.

One final outfit change for the bride.

Slide show time…

The groom refused to use anything else but his mouth for this… way to go!!!

One final dance for the couple before everyone else gets to join in the fun.

The place went crazy as everyone joined the couple on the dance floor.

A conga line at a Chinese wedding!

It was the longest wedding day I’ve ever been part of, but it was great fun. Getting to see Asian elders participate in the conga line alone was well worth it! That was so surreal it just blew my mind…

If you want to check out even more photos from the slide show I had originally put together for the wedding, click HERE.

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April 19, 2010 - 12:33 am

Janet Jon and his wife look so great…. awesome photos!

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