Kodak Gold 200 MIA?

This set was shot with the last roll of Kodak Gold 200 that I had. Not sure what has happened to this film, as it hasn’t been available at retailers like B&H and Adorama for a while now. I can’t image Kodak would cease production of this popular consumer film, but then again I never though Fuji would terminate so many lines of their film either. Yikes…


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May 2, 2016 - 3:16 am

Peter Hey there! These are such gorgeous photos! Can you offer any insight into film developing? Did you send these out to be developed at a professional lab? I have started shooting 35mm film and overexposing by 1 or 2 stops, but not getting the bright, slightly washed out look. I have been getting the film developed at Boots (UK CVS equivalent) and the photos look really contrasty? — Trying to figure out if I am the problem or the developer! Your work is terrific! Thanks!

May 2, 2016 - 3:18 am

Peter Hey there! These are gorgeous photos! Any insight into where you got these photos developed and scanned? I have just entered into 35mm film and after shooting Portra 1 – 2 stops overexposed I am not getting the bright / pastel / washed out look. After getting the photos developed at Boots (UK CVS equivalent) they look contrasting. Trying to figure out if the problem is me or the developer! Thanks for sharing your work! Keep up the great work!

May 5, 2016 - 3:38 pm

terrini Thanks Peter. Yes, I send my film out to a lab. For a while I was using a professional lab that catered to how I wanted my photos to look. I’d tell them that I had overexposed my film and that I wanted more of a pastel-look and they did a great job. However the cost for the scanning was quite high and so I began only using them for portrait shoots. For the daily/regular stuff, I do go to my local drugstore. They don’t know much about photography, so their scans aren’t the best. When I get the scans back I usually have to do a little tweaking in LR to get it the way I want to. I usually would need to reduce the contrast, and lift up the shadows. Hope this helps.

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