Hexanon 50mm f/1.4

I recently had a chance to try out a Konica FC-1 (1980-1983) with the Hexanon 50mm f/1.4 lens. The camera itself is pretty cool, especially with it’s fool-proof film loading system that other manual cameras simply didn’t have back in the day. The sound of the shutter is also pretty neat and satisfying as well. But the real reason I was excited to shoot with this camera was because of the lens. The Hexanon line of manual lenses were known for their fantastic optical quality (especially their sharpness) even though they were never that popular in the U.S. when compared to the other major Asian camera manufacturers (i.e., Nikon, Canon, Minolta, etc.). Here are a couple of shots of the camera and lens:

The manual Hexanon 50mm is definitely a sweet lens. And quite frankly I must admit that all of the manual 50mm lenses I’ve tried so far from Nikon, Yashica, Minolta, and Pentax have been great. They are all a little different and unique in their own ways, and that’s what makes them awesome. I love them all, and don’t quite have a favorite yet. I’m not sure that I even need to have a favorite either. Anyhow, the photos below were all shot on a roll of Fujicolor 200 film with the Hexanon 50mm.

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November 15, 2013 - 6:21 am

April Oh my! How lovely the bokeh shots are! And sharp too, just how the hexanon lens is well-known for 🙂 Excellent shots, as always.

November 15, 2013 - 9:45 am

terrini Thanks April! The lens is known to be sharp, but I think the bokeh is fantastic too. Can’t wait to shoot more.

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