Yashica FX-3

Along with the Yashica T2 I pulled out from the garage last time around, I’ve also been lucky enough to have recently come across this camera that was zipped up in a Ziploc bag inside one of the old cabinets:

After a trip to the camera store for a quick overhaul along with replacement of the body covering (it was pretty much disintegrated, which apparently happens a lot to old Yashica and Contax cameras), the camera was good as new. What better to shoot my first roll of Kodak Gold with than this classic Yashica. Although it was only equipped with the 50mm f/2 kit lens, I was still impressed with the look of the images. When shot wide open, it has a “swirling” bokeh effect that people say reminds them of those old-school Russian lenses. Overall, this camera was another great find for me.

The crazy thing is that this camera along with the 50mm lens can be bought for just $50 or less on eBay! Film cameras are cool that way.

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