Monthly Archives: April 2012

Back to Medium Format

I’ve been neglecting my Contax 645 for a while now, so it was about time to put it back in action and experience the loveliness of shooting Zeiss glass wide open. All photos were shot on Kodak Portra 400NC film.

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EOS 3 + Fuji Pro 800Z

Bought myself an EOS 3 from KEH last month and this was my first roll of film with it. The focusing system is definitely better than anything that Canon has been putting in their DLSRs the last decade with the exception of their 1-series cameras, which are of course way out of my price range. […]

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Lil Max

The last time I met and shot photos of Max he was only 4 months old. Now 7 months later I get another chance to photography this little rock star. After doing the shoot with film and on manual focus last time, I opted to go with digital this time around as Jaime warned me […]

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